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成龙《燕尾服》中的插曲James Brown-Sex Machine


年份:2010-08-21 06:53:37


剧情:James Brown去世的消息,心情很悲凉。 James Brown一直是我最喜欢的Funk大师,不只是Funk,他几乎是所有种类的黑人现代音乐的最伟大的奠基者之一,,一首首狂野的,的,灵魂燃烧的音乐曾给我多少美好的回忆。一个legend,在他73岁的圣诞节早晨离开了人世,这是不是老天对他的眷爱? 正在听的歌:Say It Loud(I'm Black And I'm Proud),我最喜欢的一首James Brown的歌。心情很low。 外面的天,正在飘雪。 "What James Brown was to music in terms of soul and hip-hop, rap, all of that, is what Bach was to classical music. This is a guy who literally changed the music industry. He put everybody on a different beat, a different style of music. He pioneered it." — Rev.Al Sharpton "An American original, his fans came from all walks of life and backgrounds. James Brown's family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers this Christmas." —President Bush "He was a whirlwind of energy and precision, and he was always very generous and supportive to me in the early days of The Stones. I've always been a huge admirer of him as a performer and a band leader. His passing is a huge loss to music." —Mick Jagger "He was an innovator, he was an emancipator, he was an originator. Rap music, all that stuff came from James Brown." — Little Richard 'Godfather of Soul' James Brown dies By HARRY R. WEBER, Associated Press Writer Mon Dec 25, 9:46 PM ET ATLANTA -James Brown, the undeniable "Godfather of Soul," told friends from his hospital bed that he was looking forward to performing on New Year's Eve, even though he was ill with pneumonia. His heart gave out a few hours later, on Christmas morning. The pompadoured dynamo whose classic singles include "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" and "I Got You (I Feel Good)" died Monday of heart failure, said his agent, Frank Copsidas of Intrigue Music. He was 73. "People already know his history, but I would like for them to know he was a man who preached love from the stage," said friend Charles Bobbit, who was with Brown at the hospital. "His thing was 'I never saw a person that I didn't love.' He was a true humanitarian who loved his country." The entertainer with the rou